MISSION STATEMENT: "To serve... for the community"

Keeping above in mind our mission has always been to care for those who come throuth our gates. We have big dreams and hope that one of our juniors wins a SLAM however for most we provide a platform to play the game of tennis within caring and open community.


Our beginning takes us back to early 2010. We are independent Tennis Academy with close links with Lawn Tennis Asociation. We love to see families spending time on the court as much as we love to see our TEAM being the best in Dorset. This is a place where everyone is welcome and whether you making your first steps in tennis or you want to improve your game to represent our TEAM - we can help.


Our coaches deliver appropiate coaching plan for all players

for more info or to get involved call:

Kris Koziol

Head Coach

077 86 722 744



Kris Koziol had a dream to create a place, platform for players to start their jurney and make Tennis a part of their life. Like all good things...they take time to florish. After 10 years we are making a visable impact on our community.

Throughout this time Kris has worked with young talents to give them a chance of the ultimate dream of every tennis player....to win Wimbledon. These players are on their way to reach their goals and we will always be here for them.

Saint Sebastian Tennis Academy accomodates for many different needs of our community. Many of our members are here just to hit few balls and they are just as important to us.



Jubeth M.

NHS worker

"I am writing to let you know that we have had a great experience with St. Sebastian Academy (Kris). Me my husband and son has learned a tremendous amount and really enjoyed the time in tennis lessons and the tennis camp. Coaches has a great style in working with kids and adults. We improved our tennis skills fairly dramatically in just a few lessons and has also been very responsive and flexible in trying to find times for lessons that work with our schedule. All the best St. Sebastian Academy"